$10 Dinners: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 1

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This 4-week $10 Dinners Meal Plan is comprised of the most budget-friendly reader favorite Budget Bytes recipes, that are simple, satisfying, and cost about $10 to make (prices may vary depending on your location and product availability). The meal plan comes complete with 4 weekly menus, grocery lists, and all recipes included. Each meal provides 4-6 servings.

This volume of the $10 Dinners Meal Plan includes the following recipes:





5 reviews for $10 Dinners: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 1

  1. Timothy Stiling (verified owner)

    I ordered this meal plan to be able to save money and time when trying to plan out meals for the week. Not only was it very economical- we ate like kings on less money than had we cooked and ate out normally. I found myself cooking every single day except for Sundays and it was no issue because the meals were easy to make, and I didn’t have to make multiple trips to the grocery store because we had everything we needed with the shopping lists. My spouse and I voted on favorites and put a heart next to any that we wanted to make all over again. Basically the entire calendar was full of hearts. We liked the meal plan so much that we ordered one of the vegetarian ones as well.
    What I also like about this plan and basically the entire Budget Bytes blog is that there are no exotic ingredients that I will never use again and about all leftover ingredients were used up. The food is great tasting. You can’t go wrong with anything you make here. We have never eaten healthier as well!

    Great work on this meal plan Beth!

    -Ellen Stiling

  2. Rachel Sekola (verified owner)

    I am in love with this meal plan! It’s my first BB meal plan, and I’ll definitely be ordering more.
    I’m a single person who lives alone, so the meal plan actually lasted me 8 weeks instead of 4; I would get dinner the night I cooked, lunch and dinner the next day, and lunch for the day after (just in time to cook dinner again). It worked perfectly for my life and schedule, and I never got tired of the leftovers. I was able to freeze a few meals that made 6-8 servings (soups and burritos), and that helped me get through a day or two where I didn’t cook on time.
    I didn’t encounter a single meal that I didn’t love; about half the recipes were ones I wouldn’t have picked out to try on my own, but I ended up loving them. I made myself a list of favorites from the month, and after I do another plan or two I might try my hand at creating my own with the meals I loved best.
    Overall, I saved money on groceries by using the plan, I got to try new meals I wouldn’t have thought to make otherwise, and my life was infinitely easier because I didn’t have to do any of the meal planning or grocery list making on my own. Can’t wait to try the next one!

  3. A Gustafson (verified owner)

    This is my favorite Budget Bytes meal plan! I’m a long-time BB fan, and the $10 Dinner plan includes lots of recipes my family already loved, plus others that were new adventures in yumminess. I love the simplicity of following the plan, and I love how budget-friendly it is. Highly recommended!

  4. Maureen Quinn (verified owner)

    You need to buy this meal plan! I have been struggling for years to find easy, tasty recipes, that won’t cost me a zillion dollars in ingredients. This is all that and more. All the recipes are SO WELL DONE– very easy to follow, not overwhelming at all (way better than HelloFresh). Plus the prices are cheap, it makes a lot, it’s not junk ingredients, and all the meals taste awesome. My fiance and I both love this. It’s saved us so much time and money. And the grocery list is so incredible! Life is good– and you should definitely buy this meal plan.

  5. Aharon Leichtman (verified owner)

    I bought this after enjoying the free 2 week plan. This is worse. When I buy a meal plan, I’m expecting it to do most of the work for me of figuring out how to put together a set of recipes that will use up different products. Rather than putting together in the shopping list different kinds of pasta that can be substituted for each other or putting into the recipes to use more of something to use it up, this puts such tips on a separate page if at all. The amount of effort I’m having to put into deciding how to buy and use ingredients is not much better than if I were to just pick out a bunch of random recipes and do it myself. Would not recommend this product. Definitely get the free one though if you haven’t yet.

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