No Pasta, No Rice: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 1

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This 4-week No Pasta, No Rice Meal Plan is comprised of reader favorite Budget Bytes recipes that are full of protein, budget friendly vegetables, and beans to fill you up without relying on pasta and rice.

In this unique meal plan, meat is included every night of the week, balanced with plenty of vegetables, of course! The meal plan comes complete with 4 weekly menus, grocery lists, and all recipes included. Each meal provides 4-6 servings.

This volume of the No Pasta, No Rice Meal Plan includes the following recipes:





2 reviews for No Pasta, No Rice: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 1

  1. Tatiana Gerotto (verified owner)

    The recipes are delicious and include plenty of vegetables and meat. I’ve been eating more vegetables than before because the recipes just make them so tasty and delicious. I’ve struggled to eat meat in the past, all dishes I cooked seemed to be too labour intensive or too simple (think pan fried chicken breast) however Beth gives great meat recipes that are easy to make and go so well with the heaps of vegetables I’m buying every week now.

    The grocery list and the meal plan makes it extremely easy and quick to shop. Ingredients tend to repeat themselves between weeks so nothing goes to waste and there are no random ingredients that will get used once.

    It ha also help me try loads of recipes that I’d usually not have tried and I have been very happy with the vast majority of them.

    I cook only for myself and I find each recipe gives me three or four meals, meaning I tend to cook every other day and a one week plan usually last 10 days or more.

    Amazing work! I will be buying another meal plan after this one!

  2. Brittney Bateman (verified owner)

    We ordered this because life was hectic, and we were trying to get back in the groove of cooking at home again. This exceeded all my expectations. By the end of the first week, my husband had declared that Beth could do no wrong when it came to food. I know that you can just figure out the meals on the website yourself instead of buying the plan, but this is what tips the plans over the edge for me:

    -The meal plan took all of the drama out of dinner. If my kids (9 & 11) wanted to complain, the response was “the meal plan says we have to eat it.” And that was a good enough logic for them (they almost always actually liked what we ate).

    -All of the planning and thinking was taken care of. Life’s been crazy. Not having to think about what to make or create a grocery list was worth every penny. There was almost always leftovers, so I just had to grab some stuff for breakfast and we were set for the week.

    -Sides. I suck at remembering to plan side dishes for a meal. It’s usually just a salad or canned/frozen veggies. This brought the side game to a whole new level. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on.

    -Something new. There were a lot of dishes that I’ve never tried in the meal plan. It’s not that I’m not adventurous, I just have a hard time getting the motivation to cook something that I have never had in any capacity before or if I already have a recipe that works, I don’t go searching for different one. Some of this stuff was absolutely delicious and I’m so happy I tried the recipes.

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