Omnivore Meal Plan – Volume 1

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This 4-week Omnivore Meal Plan is comprised of reader favorite Budget Bytes recipes, with 50% meat and 50% vegetarian meals. The meal plan comes complete with 4 weekly menus, grocery lists, and all recipes included. Each meal provides 4-6 servings.

This volume of the Omnivore Meal Plan includes the following recipes:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week 4


“I purchased two of your meal plans this week- One Pot and Omnivore. In my opinion, the thing that sets you apart THE MOST from other recipe bloggers is not just the inexpensive aspect, but how you teach us we can recreate food from around the world. For example, until you showed me, I did not know that I could make a Bulgogi bowl, or Okonomiyaki, or Mujaddara… until you I was spending all this money on takeout because while I know how to make pasta or chili, I didn’t know how to make Korean food for example.” Dora

“About to finish Omnivore Week Two, and just bought groceries for Week Three. I have to say that these meal plans have simplified my life tremendously and I’ve really been enjoying the meals! Just saying…if Beth comes out with even more 4-week plans like these, I’ll be so excited!!” Bobbie

I’ve been doing the omnivore plan, and we’re all enjoying it-but here’s the best part: because the recipes and meal plans are all printed out, my 22-yr old son and my husband have each taken it upon themselves to cook dinner if they get home before I do!” Meredith

I’ve been a big fan of Budget Bytes for years. We are always impressed with the recipes we try! Now that I am a full-time nursing student I needed to find something to help with the meal planning process. It used to take me all day on Saturdays to plan meals, write a grocery list, and then grocery shop. Now I really need that time to study or just hang out with my family! I was so happy to find meal plans on the website! We purchased the Omni plan and all I had to do was double everything since I have a large family. I also decided to use the Walmart grocery service and wow! Between those two I literally spent 20 minutes or less on meal planning/grocery shopping!” Kim

8 reviews for Omnivore Meal Plan – Volume 1

  1. Laura L (verified owner)

    So convenient and affordable! All the meals we’ve tried have been a hit. I love having leftovers available for lunches and knowing we’ve got a fridge full of ingredients for a variety of meals makes it so much easier to eat at home. No more excuses for going out to eat. Can’t wait to work through the other meal plans.

  2. Patricia Gale (verified owner)

    My husband came across BudgetBytes from an article online. Our scheduled are so busy and we were looking for an efficient way to meal-plan and eat well, while also not eating the same meals over and over>

    We purchased the Omnivore Plan and absolutely LOVE it! It has taken my meal planning, shopping and prep and made it actually enjoyable.

    And the meals are delicious!!

    We are so impressed, we purchased the One-Pot Meals over the weekend.

  3. Mary Smith (verified owner)

    I’m loving the omnivore meal plan! We had to make some substitutions thanks to our picky family, but the recipes are wonderful.
    It’s so refreshing to have new things on the table, and we’ve been using Budgetbytes for years. Surprisingly, none of the recipes I normally cook from the website is in the meal plan so we’re stretching our cooking experience. We’ve just started the meal plan over for this month, too. That’s when you know it’s good.

  4. Amber Walker (verified owner)

    I bought the Omnivore meal plan about 6 weeks ago and adore it! I love to cook but sometimes get overwhelmed with the planning aspect of cooking – picking recipes, making grocery lists. This meal plan does all of that for me. I simply glance at the recipe in the morning to make sure I start cooking at the right time. I just bought the Vegetarian meal plan and can’t wait to start using it. The only downside of the meal plans is that I’m missing out on the new recipes currently on Budget Bytes.
    Thanks for your fabulous recipes and all the extra brain power and time the meal plan has given me!

  5. Matthew Ryan (verified owner)

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this meal plan, and the other two I purchased – vegetarian and one-pot – although I haven’t gotten into them yet. Just my wife and I as empty-nesters. I use 2 meals to last us a week and then the weekends are usually out.
    I absolutely LOVE the way you tag the shopping lists to the days of the week. I pick one of the meals from this week, look through the ‘Week 3’ shopping list for example, and add everything with an R to my list. It could not be any easier.  If nothing else, THAT one feature differentiates you from the rest of the pack. 

    Congrats to you and your team for putting together an awesome product. 

    So when does the ‘Food-blog-photo-tip-of-the-week’ start?  Your photography is so well done. 

    Happy New Year – Keep up the amazing work. 

  6. Melissa Goldberg (verified owner)

    We absolutely love this meal plan. Honestly, I was initially skeptical of paying for a meal plan, but I started to think about the insane costs of meal delivery kits, that don’t even give you enough food for leftovers, let alone an entire week, so I figured, hey $12 divided by a month (or more, assuming we’d re-use the plan) is really minimal and I knew we’d save as much.

    This turned out to be true and an amazing decision. In Week One alone, I was astounded at how my quality of life improved (seriously) because the hours and hours I’d spend each week searching for recipes that were affordable, relatively healthy, and that would provide enough food for the week, and that didn’t use insane ingredients we didn’t have, were suddenly free.

    These recipes are just the right combination of quantity, taste & quality, simple without being boring, and of course, they’re affordable.

    We are a household of 2, and in all four weeks of the Omnivore plan, we had enough leftovers to cover all dinners and lunches for the entire month. I’m under budget on restaurant bills, because i always had something good to pack up for lunch after dinner. Further, we aren’t getting bored of our food any more – I used to cook one ginormous batch of something and would suffer through eating it day after day after day until we couldn’t stand it anymore and ended up throwing out some of it. With this meal plan, some times we’ve even had enough food to freeze it, which means when life happens one day down the road, we’ve still got food ready on the fly!

    Our costs have been about $60/week, which I actually think we could trim farther by shopping a little smarter (buying bulk of items we know we’ll use when we go through the meal plan again), and of course, we’re still buying some bonus items like wine, beer, greek yogurt and breakfast items. I’ll also say that some weeks we’re choosing a recipe or two to skip if we know we are going to have plenty of food. This way we’re not buying more food than we really need – and we’re still ending up with leftovers for lunch and the freezer when we do this.

    We are doing a 2nd round of the Ominvore plan this month, and are hoping Beth releases a Volume 2 soon. That said, we’ll also probably buy the One Pot and vegetarian plans (Dave cannot live without meat, but it’s easy enough to add in some chicken or ground beef in a similar ratio that Beth uses in her omnivore plan). I actually appreciate that in all plans, about half the recipes are vegetarian. We both eat meat, but less is more when it comes to budget, the environment, and our health, so this is a win-win in my opinion!

  7. Jeff Otradovec (verified owner)

    All of these meal plans have truly changed my life. I used to eat fast food, cheap easy dinners, anything to keep fed. These plans made me rediscover my love for cooking and have made me healthier and happier every single day. I ran through Omnivore vol 1 three times over and never got tired of it. Can’t wait to run through this one over and over again!

  8. Meredith Supjewski (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this collection of recipes. My husband and I are cooking these together. There are always 2-3 more meals left over for lunch or dinner in the future and depending on when either of us it working (1st or 2nd shift) we know we have all the ingredients and one of us can make the meal. We don’t make something every night like the meal plan assumes. Usually a weeks worth of recipes lasts us about 1.5-2 weeks. I’m glad I bought this, it has helped organize out busy household. Also it’s easy to substitute things if you need to!

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