Omnivore: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 2

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This 4-week Omnivore Meal Plan is comprised of reader favorite Budget Bytes recipes, with 50% meat and 50% vegetarian meals. The meal plan comes complete with 4 weekly menus, grocery lists, and all recipes included. Each meal provides 4-6 servings.

The Omnivore Volume 2 menu does not share any recipes with the Omnivore Volume 1 menu (except garlic bread as a side dish).

Volume 2 of the Omnivore Meal Plan includes the following recipes:





1 review for Omnivore: Monthly Meal Plan – Volume 2

  1. Erik Vandenberg (verified owner)

    I intentionally bought the omnivore plan because I struggle to intentionally seek out meatless dishes, and this turned out to be a great discovery method for that. I cook for just my girlfriend and myself, so we use these plans a little differently than intended. We pick out 5 of the 6 weekly meals, skipping one that just doesn’t interest us or seems too involved for what you get out of it. From there, we alternate weeks. One week I’ll follow the menu plan and cook dinner basically every day; the next week we’ll eat our leftovers for from the previous week, with some older, frozen ones here and there.
    Just as described, the meals make roughly 5 adult servings, so we usually end up with one more dinner and a single lunch portion left over from each meal.

    Even when we modify the plans like that, the included shopping lists are very easy to use because of the day-codes for each ingredient – just cross off/reduce something if we’re not making that meal. And I really appreciate that all the listed ingredients could be found at an average grocery store in a single trip – a good variety but nothing too exotic.

    Overall, I liked the balance of the recipes themselves. Some sweeter recipes, some spicy or savory ones, and my girlfriend and I agreed that we could / would make most of them again with very few tweaks. I think we found one recipe each week that was awesome, that we’d definitely add to our normal rotation. And only two total that we knew we wouldn’t make again or would modify substantially. We love spicy food, but one of the stir fries turned out way too hot for us – I’m thinking there was a typo because using ~half a jar of garlic chili paste was overkill. My girlfriend thought the recipes were a little too reliant on white rice bowls, but we were pretty impressed.

    The techniques and cookware are all basic and very straightforward – nothing you’d need to watch a video to figure out – and never excessive. I don’t think I used more than 3 pots/bowls in any dish. Most used 2. I personally wish there were one or two crock-pot meals included in a broad plan like this (especially for some of the soups) but I totally understand that these meals are meant for ~30 minute cook times.

    In terms of ingredients, there’s balance there too. Lots of produce and several kinds meat, though no seafood (which I personally don’t like anyway) and a lot ground meats. Occasionally they’ll call for making your own version of a pantry staple (like BBQ sauce or cornbread mix), and I don’t think that’s worth the effort, especially when I didn’t have half the ingredients listed in my pantry, and I’d only use a few tablespoons of some things. But I loved the notes and ideas in the plan for how to easily use up (or preserve) the ingredients that you only needed limited quantities of.

    Overall, I really liked the concept and the variety, and I’m probably going to buy another plan in a few months.

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